Free Web-Proxies List

Proxy sites act as a link between you and the website you're viewing, allowing you to browse anonymously because the website only sees the proxy server's IP address. is part of the ninja proxy network, which has been in operation for 6 years and lets users from all over the world to access blocked websites, watch YouTube videos, and stay anonymous if desired. We've put together a list of our favourite proxy sites, all of which are free to use and accessible from any smartphone. All of our proxy sites have dedicated 1GB pipes to give a better browsing experience for our users. When you use the internet, data is transported to and from your device via a network.If you're a college student, for example, during an inquiry, the school's web service provider (ISP) sends messages to other servers in order to deliver the web site results you're looking for. If the school's network prohibits such websites, you won't be able to access their material using the school's given IP address.To access prohibited sites and networks, you'll need to use a mediator, such as a web proxy, to get around the regulated IP address. Web proxies are anonymous servers or websites that give you an alternative or rotating IP address so you may surf the web anonymously. With the new IP address, you can get past the restrictions. It also allows you to browse the web without revealing your personal demographic information, keeping you safe on public systems like those used in schools.

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How to hide my IP address

A web fingerprint that identifies a device or network is an IP address. It's your internet pseudonym. Your IP address tells folks where you are on the internet and what you're doing. Data received from your IP address is used by other networks to make choices. You may be unable to access some websites or participate in certain programmes if your IP address suggests that you are situated in a faraway country. If your IP address is used to censor material, you won't be able to view such items at work or school. Using a proxy server to obtain a new IP address, on the other hand, provides you with a new online identity that is free of these constraints.

How to use proxy sites

A web proxy is simple to use. To connect to a proxy server or website, you must first locate an official and trustworthy proxy site. A list of proxies from a trustworthy source, such as this one, is an excellent place to start. Simply follow the instructions on the proxy's website after you've picked a proxy server. Most free proxy services just need you to plug in the desired URL and have it downloaded through their server rather than your own, thereby evading your existing network's firewalls. Another proxy alternative is to purchase a paid proxy server account and use it to get a proxy IP address that you may use whenever you want without being discovered.