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A free USA web proxy site for everyone to unblock blocked sites, bypass web filters and firewalls enabling users to access restricted sites such as youtube or facebook. All of our servers are hosted in the USA, Proxysites.us is hosted in seattle, and may others are hosted in Dallas. We don't use cheap shared hosting, all of our servers are running dedicated 1GB connection so we can offer our users a great service by enabling quicker browsing. We will be setting up a comment page very soon and a facebook back for all users to communicate directly with us if you have any issues or requestes.

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A web proxy are websites which allows you to browse your favorite sites that are blocked at your school, office or in any network.If you are one of them that want to visit a website that is blocked in your network, use this proxy site or one of the proxys from our proxy list above to get bypass any block or filtering policy.A proxy server, as the name says, is an alternative or substitute server. It is a computer between a local network and a worldwide network − the internet. Most of the internet service providers ⟨ISPs⟩ and large companies often employ proxy servers for their benefit. There are many advantages using a proxy server, from speeding up the traffic to filtering access to certain sites; from providing security to anonymity in browsing.

Unblock Youtube

Unblock Youtube

A proxy website allows you to bypass your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and browse you through web proxy site. Visit one of the site below and type the web address you would like to visit in the form they provide and start browsing without any fear. Once your using these websites your are protected and your real IP address is not getting logged.

Facebook Proxy

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Unblock Facebook for via our proxy service that allows you to unblock facebook and surf anonymously while on the Internet. Our fast, free Facebook compatible proxy can help unblocking Facebook from web filters at work or school. Bypass filters such as Websense from work or firewalls at school.All of our proxy sites in our proxy network enable users from all around the world to unblock sites every day for free, we do run advertising on the front pages and a few ad banners on the video sites, but this enables us to keep our servers for everyone to enjoy. Please feel free to share us with your friends, we are hoping to become one of the biggest proxy networks out on the internet. We add addtional security by implementing encryption on all of our sites, to enable the users browsing experince to be fully private enabling you the user to browse sites with privacy the way the internet was meant to be. Finding an unblocked proxy can be difficult as schools and colleges tend to start blocking the domains, we have over twenty domains to enable our users to keep using the services. A proxy is basically a middleman. You're at university and your school doesn't want you accessing Facebook, so everything you do is get a proxy to accomplish the dirty work to suit your needs and convey you and Fb with each other in Net bliss. And the whole time you're employing Facebook, the school just sees that you are on some noname web page… the proxy web site. But it might be additional tough than you believe simply because your school's blocking computer software is frequently up to date to block all of the new proxies and naughty internet sites popping up every single day. The trick is to come across the freshest proxy lists, that way you understand you are utilizing a proxy that your college has probably not however blocked..