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By unblocking banned sites and evading web filters and firewalls, users may gain access to restricted sites like YouTube and Facebook. Proxysites.us and the rest of our sites are hosted in Washington, whereas Proxysites.us is hosted in Texas. We don't utilise low-cost shared hosting; instead, all of our servers have dedicated 1GB connections, allowing us to give outstanding service to our guests by allowing them to browse quickly. We will set up a comment page and a Facebook link so that all people may contact us directly as soon as feasible. Please contact us on our Facebook page if you have any problems or requests.Proxy Site is a quick, easy, and highly secure solution to instantly visit any website and surf the internet anonymously. We provide a gateway into any website, allowing you to surf while hiding your IP address and circumventing any internet provider restrictions. The greatest part? It's completely free! Proxy Site is a powerful web-based proxy. Users may use our method to get beyond filters and firewalls and access most websites that are banned. It is both free and anonymous to use the proxy service. Simply input the address of the site you want to access or unblock in the box above and hit enter, or use one of the fast browse links in the menu to browse common sites like Facebook and YouTube quickly.

Unblock Sites

Unblock sites

A reverse proxy site allows banned users to access websites that are restricted at school, at work, or on any other network. Use this proxy site or one of the proxies from our proxy list above to get around any block or filtering policy. A proxy server is an alternate or substitute server, as the name implies. It is a computer that connects a local network to a global network called the internet. Proxy servers are frequently used by internet service providers (ISPs) and major corporations for their own profit.There are several benefits to utilising a proxy server, ranging from speeding up traffic to restricting access to specific websites; from providing security to surfing incognito. The Ninja Proxy network includes proxy sites; we operate a variety of proxy sites that give thousands of customers internet freedom. Blocking and restricting your internet access at school, college, or work? Our site unblocker makes it simple to get around limitations and access your favourite websites. With a fast PHP/cURL based proxying service, the proxy site has a neater and cleaner user experience. Because you merely view our website while we perform the actual fetching for you, your privacy is fully protected. We never give the visited sites any traceable end-user information.Furthermore, the advanced settings allow you to completely disable javascript and flash content. We are not restricted to unblocking Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other similar social networking websites, so use our free service to access nearly any Internet website.

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Unblock Youtube Proxy

A gateway proxy site enables you to circumvent your ISP (Broadband Provider) and use our web proxy site to surf the internet. Visit one of the sites listed below, fill out the form with the web URL you want to visit, and begin browsing without worry. You are safe when browsing these websites, and your real IP address is concealed and not tracked. Stream your favorite YouTube videos regardless of your location or internet provider. We strive to deliver the finest service possible, with fast speeds, excellent quality, and no stuttering of your favourite films! Anywhere, at any moment, for free!Did you realise that every time you visit a website, your IP address is revealed? Your IP address is your online identity, and hackers might use it to sneak into your computer, steal personal information, or perform other crimes. With the press of a button, you may surf anonymously, change your IP address, avoid identity theft, and protect yourself from hacker invasions. A gateway or tunnelling proxy is a proxy server that passes all requests and responses without modification. A proxy server can be installed on a user's home computer or at different locations between the user and the target servers or the Internet.


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Unblock Facebook with our web server, which enables you to unblock Facebook and access the web anonymously. Our quick, free Facebook proxy can let you bypass site firewalls at work or school and access Facebook. Bypass work-place filters like Websense and school firewalls. We run advertising on the top pages and a few ad banners on the video sites, however this allows us to keep our servers free for everyone to use. Please feel free to tell your friends about us; we want to be one of the largest proxy networks on the internet.We add further protection by installing encryption on all of our sites to ensure that the user's surfing experience is completely private, allowing you to explore the internet the way it was designed to be. Finding an unblocked proxy can be challenging because schools and colleges frequently restrict domains; nevertheless, we have over twenty domains to ensure that our users can continue to use our services. A proxy is essentially a go-between. You're at university, and your school forbids you from using Facebook, so all you have to do is acquire a proxy to do the hard work for you and connect you and Facebook in Net bliss.The school doesn't notices that you're on Facebook because you're on some anonymous website... the proxy website. However, it may be more difficult than you anticipate because your school's filtering software is routinely updated to prevent all of the new proxies and nasty websites that appear every day. The idea is to get the most recent proxy lists, so you know you're using a proxy that your institution hasn't yet blocked.

Video Proxy

Video Proxy

Proxysites.us allows you to watch your favourite movies without being restricted by your internet provider or geographical constraints. High-definition video, lightning-fast download speeds, no buffering, and no limits Everything is absolutely anonymous and free. In nations where the government, school, or business has blocked your internet access, our web proxy is the finest alternative for unblocking sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo. We believe in the right to free speech. We've been developing and enhancing our web proxy for over five years and have created a one-of-a-kind web proxy that meets your requirements. Please contact us via Facebook or email if you have any recommendations for our Proxy Network. We are always willing to help.